The Woman Who Stole My Life Book Cover Nails

Hello! This week my nails are inspired by the new book by one of my all time favourite authors, The Woman Who Stole My Life by Marian Keyes!

I'm a bit ahead of myself with these nails as her book isn't released until November but I was struggling for ideas when I stumbled across Marian's twitter and saw the book cover and knew I had to try painting it! 

The Woman Who Stole My Life Nail Art Marian Keyes

I really, really love Marian's books they're so funny yet they also have serious themes and she balances the two so perfectly! She is also hilarious on twitter! As soon as she announced this book and I saw the cover it has been on my list of ideas to do.

The Woman Who Stole My Life Nail Art Marian Keyes

The base colour used was Colbalt Blue but I mostly painted over it to create the gradient sky effect that I really love on the book cover! I wish I hadn't done the gradient on every nail though as I think it makes my ring finger less of an accent nail, and then I could have spent more time perfecting that nail!

The Woman Who Stole My Life Nail Art Marian Keyes

My favourite nail of this design has to be my thumb! It was the first time I've actually tried to create writing in the same typography as my inspiration and I'm really happy with the result! I find painting my thumb quite difficult as I have to paint it sideways or upside down so I spent most of my time on this design on my thumb, and I had to keep remembering to blink haha!

So here are this week's nails, I hope you like them!

Thanks for reading!


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