Spring Daisy Nails

Hello! As this weekend marks the beginning of Spring I just had to do floral nails and here is the result - bright daisy nails!

Spring Daisy Nail Art

I'm really impressed by these nails, I love the bright colours and the simple effectiveness of the daisies in contrast to the background!

Spring Daisy Nail Art

After doing lots of nail art recently with a different design on each nail it was really enjoyable to paint the same pattern on each nail!

Spring Daisy Nail Art

For the base I used 'Guava'. This shade always reminds me of a gorgeous turquoise sea colour - it's beautiful! I then used acrylic paint and a dotting tool to do the centers of the daisies and a little brush to do the petals! 

Spring Daisy Nail Art

Getting each flower to be a similar size was a bit of a challenge but I'm pleased with the finished result! The main problem I had was the shape of the petals and getting them to resemble a daisy shape! I did think about adding some dots to the background as it might be a bit plain but I decided to leave it as I quite like the contrast between the daisies and the plain, bright background!

Spring Daisy Nail Art

I think these are the perfect nails to celebrate the start of Spring and I'm really happy with them! 

Let me know what you think, thank you for reading!


  1. Guava is a gorgeous colour! I love your design, it's so cheerful and perfect to get me in a Spring mood :)

    1. Thank you so much! It is such a beautiful colour!


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