Floral Negative Space Nails

Hello! After my last attempt at negative space nails I wanted to have another go and so here are my floral negative space nail art!

Floral Negative Space Nail Art

I thought adding a floral element would make them more suitable for Spring/Summer!

Floral Negative Space Nail Art

I really love how these turned out! The colours work so well together and the negative space is a great way of having a change with a floral design!

Floral Negative Space Nail Art

The base coat is Barry M's 'Sugar Apple'! I painted it on making a line down the middle of my nail following the shape of the lunula (the white area at the end of the nail!

Floral Negative Space Nail Art

The rest of the design is painted using acrylic paint! It's such a simple design which was refreshing after last week's more complicated book nail art! Although I enjoy both simple and more intricate patterns, I think it's nice to have a change and mix it up!

Thanks for reading!
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  1. Wow. This is unique. Your nails are looking beautiful. Loved the base color.


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